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Diagnosis and treatment

2 year old Charlie who has light hair and is smiling

Charlie's story

Charlie was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was just 2 years old. The diagnosis has had a massive impact on the whole family, especially mum, Natalie, and Grandma Clare.

Four month old Aimee who has blonde hair and is staring into the camera

Marie's story

Marie's daughter, Aimee, was diagnosed with Dravet's syndrome when she was four months old.

Tom Smith in a rugby top with his hands in the air after a rugby game

Tom's story

International rugby star Tom Smith talks about how he has refused to let epilepsy stop him following his dreams.

Casey, a black and white sheepdog smiling

Casey's story

Casey is a beautiful three-year-old Border Collie. She had her first seizure at 11 months and is just going through her first change of anti-epileptic medication. Her owner, Fran Agnew, talks about Casey's seizures.

Anthony looking into the camera with a polo shirt on

Anthony's story

Anthony was diagnosed with epilepsy at 20 and underwent surgery just before his 29th birthday. He has been seizure free for 12 years.

Kathleen Brown, a middle aged woman with blonde hair and glasses

Kathleen's story

Kathleen Brown reflects on the treatment she's received for epilepsy, working out that she's been prescribed at least 10 different drugs over the years.