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Digital Impact

Discover our impact in real time with our digital impact report below.

Our helpline is an important part of our work.

Feedback from our helpline helps raise issues that are important to people with epilepsy to shape our campaign work and enable societal change.

Our research changes lives.

The outcomes of our research are helping to improve quality of life for people with epilepsy empowering them to manage their condition and lead independent lives.

We're tackling the stigma around epilepsy.

Our campaigning is tackling the stigma around epilepsy through raising awareness of the condition and its impact on people's lives.

Our work this year in numbers - SO FAR...

20 MPsContacted

Raising awareness of epilepsy in political circles helps us to influence decision makers in improving the lives of people with epilepsy.
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77 volunteers

Our volunteers are an amazing help to us, and they have clocked up 554 hours volunteering for Epilepsy Society.

1 million web visitors

You've visited our website to read information about epilepsy, sign up for fundraising events and find out about our research.
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82,621 engagements

You've liked, tweeted, shared and commented on our social media posts, helping us to raise awareness of epilepsy and Epilepsy Society on social media.

829event sign ups

Thank you for all of your amazing fundraising. You've abseiled, cycled, ran, trekked and swam to raise money for epilepsy.

28personalised patient plans

Our personalised patient plans, delivered for our patients, make a huge difference to their lives.

4 Ongoing campaigns

We’ve been campaigning for greater awareness of epilepsy through our 3 Cs campaign, our work around medicine shortages, sodium valproate and our policy work on the online harms white paper.

1,291Helpline calls answered

Our helpline operators have an in-depth knowledge of the many issues faced by people with epilepsy. You can call our helpline on 01494 601 400.

Changing lives through research

DNA strand

57 DNA sequences analysed

We've had DNA analysed by our collaborator Congenica.

4new researchers

We've recruited 1 Bioinformatician, 2 post docs and one Clinical Researcher to our team to increase the pace of our research.

£450,000on 30 research projects

We're working to understand the genetic architecture of each individual person's epilepsy through our world leading research projects.

37Academic papers published

Academic papers published acknowledging our powerhouse multidisciplinary team who contribute to a wide ranging spectrum of epilepsy research.