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Epilepsy can be a life-changing diagnosis. Unpredictable seizures, loss of independence, side-effects of medication - all of these can have a devastating impact on someone's quality of life. Epilepsy Society is here to ensure everyone has the best possible chance at accurate diagnosis, treatment and personal support.

One of our lab assistants showing Elle her facial map

Give us a Christmas gift

Your gift of £15 could provide essential everyday equipment for one of our ground-breaking research labs. 

Ellie’s Christmas wish

We received a heartbreaking letter from ten-year-old Ellie, detailing the death of her friend Patrick from an epileptic seizure. Each year in the UK 1,000 people die due to epilepsy and Ellie is determined to stop this happening. 

Two professors looking at blood samples

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Your regular gift of £30 could fund a blood test to fine tune medication levels and maximise seizure control while minimising side effects.

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