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driving - interactive guide

Based on your answers:

When did you have your last seizure?
> Within the last year.

What type of seizures do you have?
> I have awake seizures, or awake and asleep seizures.

Do your seizures affect your consciousness?
> Yes - some or all of my seizures affect my consciousness or ability to act (including controlling a vehicle).

The regulation for you:

You must be seizure-free for 1 year before you are able to drive (with or without medication). If you have a seizure you must stop driving and tell the driving agency.

Please note: to be able to drive you must also meet all normal driving requirements (for example, the standards for vision)

In all cases, you need to tell the driving agency about your situation, and they will need to confirm that you can either drive, or if you need to reapply for your licence, before you can start driving.

If your situation changes (for example, if you have been seizure-free and you have a seizure) you may need to answer the quiz again.


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