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No child should die due to epilepsy

When we received a heartbreaking letter from 10-year-old Ellie, about the death of her friend Patrick from an epileptic seizure, we knew we had to share it with you. You can read Ellie’s letter below and listen to her talking about Patrick in our video. Each year in the UK 1,000 people die due to epilepsy and Ellie is determined to stop this happening. Please  support Ellie in her quest to ‘make a cure’ for epilepsy by donating to our Christmas Wishes Appeal. Thank you.

Read Ellie's letter with her Christmas wish

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Ellie looking into the camera with her letter
Christmas wishes Appeal 2017

Please make a difference

We know Ellie's wish is within our reach. At Epilepsy Society, we’re global leaders in research, already active in exciting new areas such as genome sequencing, which could one day provide better treatments for people still struggling with uncontrolled seizures. What this means is if a cure is going to come, it’s very likely to come from us - but we can’t deliver it on our own.