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Published: 20 May 2013

Epilepsy data system for better treatment

Scientists are working on new analytics technology  which they hope will help medical professionals deliver more highly personalised treatments to people with epilepsy . UCB and IBM are collaboratively working on the project which has now reached  the critical first step in the path towards eventually harnessing the transformative power of cognitive computing capabilities for epilepsy care.

Scientists working on the project, aim to deliver an interactive system that translates massive amounts of patient data and scientific literature into insights that healthcare providers can consult at the point of care to inform their treatment decisions.

When the project is completed, it is hoped  healthcare providers would be able to combine their own clinical patient assessment with the system's predictive analytics to determine the probability that specific approaches to care will be successful.

Epilepsy care

Dr. Iris Low-Friedrich , Executive Vice-President Global Projects and Development and Chief Medical Officer, UCB said: 'UCB focuses on the creation of innovative networks because we recognise that delivering best-in-class solutions to patients requires collaboration with a diverse group of internal and external experts. We have partnered with IBM to explore this concept of streamlining large amounts of data into actionable approaches to epilepsy care.'

UCB and IBM hope that deeper insight into the epilepsy patient population could potentially provide millions of patients with more personalised care and ultimately improved outcomes. This approach will help seed the foundation for the potential to leverage cognitive computing, natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities to raise the standard of care in epilepsy.

Cognitive computing systems

'Technologies, like analytics and cognitive computing applied to big data, are revolutionising the way we deliver and receive care,' said Robert Merkel , Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Leader, IBM Global Business Services. 'IBM is dedicating innovation and expertise to help UCB prove the predictive value of this technology that would arm physicians with information that will help them identify the best possible treatment options and improve quality of care for patients suffering from epilepsy.'