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Epilepsy medication updates

Read the latest news and updates about anti-epileptic medication, including new drugs, name changes, problems with supply of medication and any changes to guidance on taking epilepsy drugs.

Drug recall (class 2 medicines) – Epistatus (midazolam) oromucosal solution 10mg/1mL.
31 May 2016

Brivaracetam - new epilepsy drug on the horizon.
24 November 2015

Actavis lamotrigine non-dispersible tablets discontinued.
12 November 2015

300mg Phenytoin Sodium Flynn hard capsules - Flynn Pharma advises minor changes to packaging.
4 March 2015

Valproate - new government advice
22 January 2015
Valproate patient information booklet Jan 2015
Valproate guide for healthcare professionals Jan 2015

Rivotril tablets discontinued
04 November 2014

Tegretol Chewtabs will no longer be available as Novartis stops manufacturing them. 
10 October 2014

Epilepsy drug Buccolam is safe to use, Viropharma reassures people with epilepsy.
31 July 2014

Epilepsy Society responds to  new MHRA guidance relating to switching between  branded and generic anti-epileptic drugs.
14 November 2013

Epilepsy tablets Mysoline are replaced with primidone. 
29 October 2013

Getting the same medication every time is vital in ensuring optimum seizure control. 
1 September 2103

Phenytoin sodium capsules are now available in a new version from the pharmaceutical company NRIM Limited.
1 August 2013

Retigabine link to skin and eye problems - drug safety alert.
30 April 2013

VNS therapy is approved for  epilepsy across England by NHS Specialist Commissioning Board.
30 April 2013

Tegretol prolonged release - problems with supply of anti-epileptic drug.
30 April 2013

Eisai launches new epilepsy drug Fycompa® (perampanel)
3 April 2013

The epilepsy emergency medication midazolam changes its name. 
October 2012

Pfizer issues new guidelines on how to take Epanutin Infatabs.
October 2012

Epanutin (phenytoin) capsules undergo new branding.
18 September 2012

Epistatus (buccal midazolam) - changes to syringe.
August 2012

Zonegran (zonisamide) is licensed for use as monotherapy in treatment of epilepsy.
July 2012

Tegretol prolonged release package change.
April 2012

Epanutin (phenytoin) bottles change shape.
March 2012