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epilepsy research survey

At Epilepsy Society, research into epilepsy is one of our core aims. We are interested to know what people with epilepsy, and those close to them, think is important when it comes to epilepsy research. Please 
complete our survey (opens new window) so that we can seek and understand your views. We will use the results to create summaries of what people think is important, which we might then use for Epilepsy Society reports and research applications.

Why we carry out research

Research helps us to understand more about epilepsy, helps us to better diagnose the type of epilepsy someone has, and helps us to treat epilepsy. It also helps us to try and find ways to minimise the impact that epilepsy has on the daily lives of those living with the condition. Read more about our epilepsy research.

About the survey

Although it will not be possible for us to carry out all types of research listed in this survey, or all the research that people feel is important to them, by filling in the survey you will help us to build a picture of what research is most important to people, and what can make a difference to those directly affected by epilepsy. It will also help us to set our research priorities in the future.

Please note: we require you to be aged 18 years or over to complete this survey. You will be asked to confirm your age at the start of the survey.

During this survey we will not be asking you for your name and address, or any other contact details. This ensures that all of your answers are kept confidential, and we will not be able to identify you individually. This also means that we will not be able to give you feedback on your specific answers or any questions you include. However, there will be a way for you to keep in contact with us if you would like to, at the end of the survey.

Complete our survey