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Epilepsy in the workplace



25 October 2016

Earlier this month we asked our supporters on social media: 'How would you feel more supported in the workplace with your epilepsy?'

 "I may seem like I haven't got a clue. But that's far from the truth." via Facebook. 

It was clear from the responses that while some of you have had positive experiences at work, others have struggled to get themselves and their condition, understood by colleagues. Happiness in the workplace often equates to our overall happiness and wellbeing. We spend up to 30 percent of our lives at work. That's a long time to spend not feeling safe, not being able to speak openly, or being underestimated because of your epilepsy. 

Here's what you said would help you feel more supported in the workplace:

  • Patience
  • Support measures put in place to help avoid situations which might trigger a seizure
  • More notice on deadlines to reduce stress
  • People asking questions about your epilepsy rather than assuming
  • Being able to talk openly about your condition
  • Measures taken to support the return to work after diagnosis
  • The option of flexihours
  • More understanding of the after effect of seizures
  • More awareness of memory problems
  • An interest in learning about the condition
  • Equality and protection against bullying
  • Not to be discounted or underestimated
  • Not to be feared by employers

You can read all of the comments here. Thank you to all who shared and commented.  You can still join the discussion: how would you feel more supported in the workplace with your epilepsy? Let us know.

Confidence counts

Taking ownership of your epilepsy and presenting it in a positive way will help instill confidence in an employer. Chris Brock, who manages our epilepsy helpline, shares 10 key strategies for dealing with issues around employment and epilepsy. View the PDF.