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epilepsy tv

Video categories

Personal stories

Watch videos from people who have been personally affected by epilepsy. This includes Laura Grainger (pictured left) discussing the impact of her epilepsy on her memory.

Seizure types

Created as part of a project for National Epilepsy Week, these videos show a range of different seizures including tonic clonic seizures, absence seizures and myoclonic seizures.

Fundraising and events

Watch our fundraising videos including fundraising assistant Hayley's advice on how to set up and run your fundraising event or activity for purple day.


Watch video reviews of our various conferences with Epilepsy Society key speakers including our Medical Director Professor Ley Sander, Professor Sanjay Sisodiya and Dr Fergus Rugg-Gunn.


Watch videos on our various appeals including our recent helpline appeal with Sarah Reid.

Living with epilepsy

We have useful information videos to help you manage your epilepsy. This includes a step-by-step guide on how to put someone in the recovery position and top tips for attending your appointment.


Watch these videos to see a synopsis of our recent campaigns including our 'speak up for epilepsy' campaign and the 'Everyone knows someone' campaign.

All about epilepsy

All about epilepsy is a programme that explains epilepsy, how it is diagnosed, what seizures look like and how you can help someone who is having a seizure. 


Watch informational videos about our epilepsy research including 21 years of MRI.