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Epilepsy information for pharmacists

The following information is designed to help pharmacists in delivering healthcare to people with epilepsy. As well as information about seizures and anti-epileptic drugs, you can find out about our anti-epileptic drugs booklet.

Epilepsy for pharmacists

Information and guidance for pharmacists co-produced with Medway School of Pharmacy.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society medicines optimisation briefing for pharmacists to help people with epilepsy get the most from their medication and improve their quality of life.

Medicines use review - epilepsy consultation brief

Includes topics that it may be useful to cover in a medicines use review (MUR) for people with epilepsy who take anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), co-produced with the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC)

Anti-epileptic drugs booklet

This postcard size booklet, updated in August 2018, contains photographs of currently licensed brand and branded generic anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), used to treat epilepsy in children, young people and adults in the UK.

Order anti-epileptic drugs booklet from our online shop.

Listen to Professor Philip Patsalos, head of our therapeutic drug monitoing unit, talking about the uses and benefits of therapeutic drug monitoring for anti-epileptic drugs.

Epilepsy medication updates

Read the latest news and updates about anti-epileptic medication, including new drugs, name changes, problems with supply of medication and any changes to guidance on taking epilepsy drugs.

Updated MHRA advice on prescribing AEDs

Read the latest guidance on switching between branded and generic anti-epiletic drugs.

Pharmacy blog

Pharmacist Eisha Gosrani explains why delivering healthcare to people with epilepsy is about more than dispensing anti-epileptic drugs.

Making the most of your pharmacist

Information to help people understand how their pharmacist can support them in managing their epilepsy.

Further reading

The following articles (pdfs) are from our magazine Epilepsy Review

When AEDs don’t work/ therapeutic drug monitoring Issue Issue 11 Winter 2014/2015
AEDs under the microscope Issue 4 May 2012
Are you taking the tablets? Issue 4 May 2012
Help taking the tablets Issue 4 May 2012
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