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free epilepsy smartphone app

Epilepsy Society's new smartphone app for Android and iPhone, with seizure diary and first aid information, is an interactive way to help you to manage your epilepsy via your phone. Find out more about the app and how to download.

Epilepsy Tool Kit home screen

Key features include:

  • My seizure diary allows you to record the details of your seizures, including what they are like, what happens and how often you have them.
  • Export function means you can package and send your seizure diary by email to your healthcare professionals.
  • My Medication allows you to record details of the medication you take, including photographs, to help ensure you get the same medication all the time.
  • My reminders allows you to set up a reminder alarm for when to take your medication.
  • First aid instructions tell you how you can help someone when they have a seizure, and when to dial 999.
  • Step-by-step recovery guide shows you how to put someone into the recovery position.
  • About me gives you space to record you and your healthcare professionals’ details, information about your diagnosis and tests, a reminder function for questions you might want to ask (with an audio record function).

Epilepsy Tool Kit is free of charge and has no subscription fees.

It is available for both Android and iPhone.

Julia’s story

Julia McMullen, mum to three year-old Carys said ‘I’d downloaded the app after seeing it advertised on a poster at the neurology clinic. All the first aid information I’d read came flooding back to me when Carys had a massive tonic clonic seizure, stopped breathing and turned blue as she fell to the floor. The best thing I ever did was download the app and my beautiful girl proves that.’ Read Julia's full story: iPhone app helps save little Carys's life.

What is an 'app'?

‘App’ is short for an application used on a smartphone such as the Android or iPhone. A smartphone differs from a normal mobile phone in that while it allows you to make calls in the same way, it has additional features such as the ability to send and receive emails, connect to the internet and download apps.

An app allows you to customise your phone to your own specific needs. The choice of apps is diverse ranging from computer games and social networking groups such as Facebook to a digital spirit level. And of course there’s the app for epilepsy. Users will sometimes pay a small fee to download an app but many are completely free. You cannot download apps to a normal mobile phone.

How to download the app

To find our app, search for 'epilepsy society' from your iPhone or Android phone when connected to the internet.

iPhone users

Android users

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If you have epilepsy, you may want to encourage family and friends to download the app so they know how to help you in an emergency.

If you have downloaded the app, please do add your feedback to the iPhone or Android sites.