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12 May 2020

Free Flu Vaccine for People with Epilepsy Survey and Campaign

Does having a fever cause you to have a seizure? We are launching a new survey to find out whether a high temperature as part of the flu, puts you at greater risk of having a seizure. This is part of our ‘free flu vaccine’ campaign to persuade the Government that people with epilepsy should automatically qualify for a free flu vaccine.

Please take part in our short survey to find out whether you think a fever causes you to have a seizure. Click here to take part in the survey.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you have told us that you are worried that a fever, brought on by the virus, might trigger a seizure.

This worry has been compounded by the fact that people with epilepsy are not included in the coronavirus clinically vulnerable group, when those with other serious neurological conditions are.

Many of you have said that this exclusion has left you feeling vulnerable and at greater risk during the pandemic.

The Department of Health and Social Care has told us that those with epilepsy are not automatically included in the vulnerable group, because they do not meet the criteria to qualify for a free annual flu vaccine. This is only given at the discretion of their doctor.

We are currently asking the government to consider including epilepsy in the free flu vaccine group this autumn. We have already met with Members of Parliament and the Health Select Committee but we need to find out more from you about your experience of flu and epilepsy, and whether you feel that having a fever may result in increased seizures or breakthrough seizures.

Please take part in our short survey as part of our ‘Free flu vaccine’ campaign. Click here to take part in the survey.