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Fundraising ideas

There are so many ways to start a conversation and so many ways to raise funds for epilepsy. Our favourites are listed below, but feel free to get creative on how you make it purple!

A man with a cake


Coffee, cakes and conversations. Get together with friends, family or fellow group members for a coffee morning and charge for a slice of cake. Alternatively hold a cake sale in your school or place of work. Remember to ask for donations of cake!

Blossoming conversation

Have a plant sale or garden party to celebrate the start of spring! Watch your donations grow as conversation blossoms and you get your guests talking about epilepsy.

Hello Sausage!

Get your grill on (and your jumper!) and host a bangin' BBQ for epilepsy. Pay a pound per hot dog and start some sizzling conversation.

Hey Presto

Turn yourself purple! Why not ask for sponsorship to dye your beard or hair purple? Or ask staff, pupils or colleagues to wear purple in return for a small donation. Hey, you could even make it a fancy dress day?

Film Night

From Hello Dolly to Look Who's Talking, get together with friends for a pamper evening and film night. Charge for cinema snacks and Purple face masks for the ultimate night in.

'Hey ya!'

Organise a Purple party, disco or quiz night. We have a downloadable Purple Quiz that can be used as part of any event or a special 'Purple round' as part of a larger quiz night.

Hi & Dry

Go sober for March and raise funds in support of our work. Could you share an epilepsy fact each week you make it through?

Need some more help?

If you would like to discuss your fundraising event or are looking for more ideas please call the team on 01494 601 414 or email