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getting the right medication

Making sure you are prescribed the same version of your anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) every time is important for optimum seizure control. Switching from a branded drug to a generic drug, or switching between generic drugs could cause side effects or a breakthrough seizure.

Letter to help you get the same AEDs

We have produced a letter signed by our medical director Professor Ley Sander, supporting your right to be prescribed the same version of your anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) - unless of course a change is advised for medical reasons. You can download the letter below and give it to your GP, neurologist, pharmacist or healthcare professional. This will help to explain why consistency of medication is important.

Download Letter to your healthcare professional (PDF, 309.44 KB)

How to ensure you are prescribed the same drug

  • Ask your doctor to prescribe by brand name so the pharmacist has to give you that version.
  • If your doctor writes the generic name of the AED on your prescription, ask them to add the name of the specific drug company.
  • Try to go to the same pharmacist each time as they may have a record of your AEDs and may ensure that you receive the same version.
  • Check your AEDs while you are still at the pharmacy. If they are different to the ones you usually take, discuss this with your pharmacist. If you have a smartphone you could use our free smartphone app to photograph your AEDs and show them to your pharmacist.

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