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giving to epilepsy society

In addition to donating, there are a number of alternative ways to give and make a difference to the lives of people with epilepsy. You can give through your pay or pension, sell with ebay and much more. 

Youngs Hotels made Epilepsy Society their charity of the year

Whether large or small, local or national, we are committed to working with companies that want to make a difference to thousands of lives.

Pay day date in a calendar

Find out how to make regular donations to us through your pay or pension.

Houses in a street

Among the different ways in which people can support Epilepsy Society, a very small number may wish to give a gift of land or buildings. Although this type of gift is rare, it can be very significant in value.

Share prices on electronic board

It’s simple to donate your unwanted shares to Epilepsy Society.

Online checkout transaction

From Amazon to eBay, simple ways to generate a donation to us online.

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