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glossary - b

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Benign  – a condition that does not cause any harm. Some childhood epilepsy syndromes are benign.

Bioavailability  – this refers to the presence in your body of the active ingredient of a drug that is 'available to use' where it is needed (with AEDs, for instance, this is in the brain).

Brain  – the part of the body that controls everything that we do or think. The brain has two halves (hemispheres), each made up of four lobes. The brain is where epileptic seizures start.

Brainwaves  – the activity of the brain, which is shown as a 'wave' on an EEG recording.

Brand name  – this is the name of a drug that the manufacturer gives it. Brand names of anti-epileptic drugs include Epilim, Lamictal and Keppra. Brand names do not tell you about the active ingredient of the drug (see generic name).