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The changing landscape of the epilepsies

This year's healthcare professionals conference was held on Friday 24 October 2014, at the Keyworth Centre at London South Bank University.

Aims of the conference

The UK’s leading medical charity for epilepsy and London’s largest Faculty of Health and Social Care brought their second annual joint conference on epilepsy. The conference focused on how advances in diagnosis and service improvement can cultivate the emerging landscape for epilepsy management.

Delivered through expert talks and interactive sessions, the conference focused on identifying individual rare diseases in epilepsy, differential diagnosis and meeting the needs of individuals with epilepsy through expert service design and delivery.

For those who attended the conference, this can be used towards your CPD points or revalidation by providing you with a reflective paper to complete for your portfolio.

The aim of the conference was to:
  • enhance your understanding of the landscape of individual rare diseases in epilepsy;
  • assist you in developing person-centred risk management strategies;
  • demonstrate strategies for developing and delivering epilepsy service improvement; and
  • offer excellent opportunities for networking with other health and social care professionals within epilepsy services.


Morning plenary sessions

  • The changing landscape of the epilepsies: identifying and refining the diagnosis of individual rare diseases – Professor Ley Sander, Epilepsy Society.
  • The genetic causes of epilepsy: what we are learning from research – Professor Sanjay Sisodiya, Epilepsy Society.
  • Differential diagnosis: non-epileptic seizures/dissociative seizures – Brent Elliott, Epilepsy Society.
  • The uses and benefits of therapeutic drug monitoring – Professor Philip Patsalos, Epilepsy Society.

Afternoon breakout sessions

  • Service improvement for better outcomes – Juliet Ashton, Epilepsy Society.
  • Epilepsy and learning disability: risk management and capacity – Jennifer Davidson and Julie Joyner, Epilepsy Society.
  • Supporting evidence for benefit claimants – Alban Hawksworth, Independent benefits advisor.
  • The value of the pharmacist in the multi-disciplinary team - Trudy Thomas, Medway School of Pharmacy

The following companies have financially supported this Epilepsy Society and London South Bank University national conference for healthcare professionals: Desitin, Sanofi, Special Products and Viropharma. Representatives will be present at the event.

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