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Taking care of your overall wellbeing is a vital part of living with epilepsy. For some people, having information or support can help. Here is a list of the help and support that may be available to you.


Epilepsy Society's specialist helpline is here to help anyone affected by epilepsy. We welcome calls from people with epilepsy, their families and friends, as well as professionals such as doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers and employers.

Our confidential helpline is for anyone in the UK affected by epilepsy.

Call: 01494 601 400 (national call rate)
Daytime: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am - 4pm
Extended hours: Wednesday: 9am - 8pm

If you have epilepsy you may be eligible to apply for benefits.

If you have epilepsy, you may be entitled to different sources of help.

You can access information about epilepsy  in several languages including Polish, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, Bengali, Turkish, Somali and Urdu.

Information books we recommend to read, and DVDs we recommend to watch.

A list of epilepsy and neurological organisations.

Tower Hamlets monthly epilepsy self-management course will be running every month to help people with epilepsy, and those caring for someone with epilepsy, learn about managing their epilepsy and share their experiences with other people.