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How to download the iPhone app

These instructions apply to an iPhone. Make sure you are on the home screen of your iPhone. Push the ‘home’ button if you are not on this screen.

  1. Find the app store icon and tap it.
  2. Once loaded, tap search and search for ‘Epilepsy Tool Kit’. Tap the icon for the app.
  3. A page will load with a brief outline of the features of the app. Tap Free in the blue box to download the app. This will then change to Install in a green box. Tap again.
  4. The app store will now close and the app icon will appear on the home screen with the word Downloading underneath.
  5. You might be asked to accept ‘Terms and Conditions’ for the app store. You will not be able to install the app unless you accept them (at this stage, you may be directed to a web page).
  6. Download Now will appear. Click OK to start downloading the Epilepsy Tool Kit (this can take a few minutes to download).
  7. Click the app icon to launch the app. 

Download the app free of charge from the Apple i-Store