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how to leave us a gift in your will

If you are just getting started with your writing will, see our how and why make a will page which includes details about how to find a solicitor.   If you have already decided to leave us a gift in your will, thank you. Here’s the information you need.

Information to include when leaving a gift to Epilepsy Society

How to leave us a gift in your willTo leave Epilepsy Society a legacy in your will, please include our full name, address, and charity number. Without this, the legacy may not be valid.

Epilepsy Society
Chesham Lane
Chalfont St Peter

Registered charity number: 206186

Epilepsy Society is the working name of The National Society for Epilepsy. Legacies made out to either name will be valid.

If you are based outside England, your solicitor will be able to advise about any differences.

Types of legacy

There are three types of gift you could leave Epilepsy Society, all of which, whether big or small will help make a real difference to our work

  • Residuary gift - a portion (eg 25%) or the entirety (100%) of everything that remains after other specific gifts, expenses and taxes have been paid. This is a great way   to benefit Epilepsy Society as the value of the gift will change over the years as your circumstance changes.
  • Pecuniary gift - a gift of a set amount of money such as £500 or £30,000 which if index linked (please ask you solicitor about this) can retain its value years down the line.
  • Specific gift - a gift of a specific item like a piece of furniture, jewellery or a painting.

Whichever type of gift you choose, here are some sample legacy clauses (MS Word, 23kb) to give to your solicitor  .
If you want to add a gift to us in an existing will, use our sample codicil   (MS Word 24kb).

Should I tell you if I have left a gift to Epilepsy Society in my will?

If you  have already included a gift to Epilepsy Society in your will or you intend to, then thank you. Your gift will help us continue making a real and lasting contribution to the lives of people with epilepsy.

You don’t have to tell us that you have included us in your will. However, knowing that people intend to benefit us in this special way means we can say thank you personally.

Fill in this short legacy contact form to let the team know. You can also sign up to receive information about our work including annual reviews and email updates about news and activities.

Get in touch

If you want more information about leaving a legacy to us or have a question , please get in touch. Please note that we cannot provide legal advice, your solicitor is the best person to advise you, taking into account your personal circumstances. Contact us using the legacy contact form  or if you prefer you can phone, email or write to us:

Telephone: 01494 601 414


Address: Fundraising Department,  Epilepsy Society, Chesham Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, SL9 0RJ