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how PIP is assessed

These pages are currently being updated to reflect the new changes announced by Penny Mordant.

Whether or not you qualify for PIP depends on how your condition affects you in two ways: your 'daily living' and your 'mobility' (how you physically move).

Questions 1 - 12 are about everyday ‘activities’ and points are scored if your condition affects your ability to do that activity. Questions 1 - 10 cover daily living activities and questions 11 - 12 cover mobility activities. The points scored for each activity are added up to give one final score for daily living, and one for mobility.

How activities are described and assessed

For each question on the form there is a description of the activity, and what it covers. There are some specific questions and space for you to write about how your condition affects you in relation to the activity. Your answers will then be used to score you against certain criteria called ‘descriptors’. These descriptors will not be included on the form. However, we list the descriptors and the points you would score if you meet each descriptor, for daily living activities and mobility activities. More information about descriptors can be found in the DWP's PIP Handbook or in Disability Rights UK's guide to making a claim for PIP.

In some cases, you may feel that your condition does not affect you doing the activity at all. However, it is important to give enough information about all the ways that your condition affects you in relation to the activity, and all the help or aids you need, so that the assessor can accurately decide which descriptor best applies to you.

You will receive one score for each activity. This will be the highest of the scores that apply to you (as you might meet different descriptors on different days, depending on how your condition affects you), or the one that applies for the most time. It will not be all the scores that apply to you within an activity added together. However, the scores from each activity will be added together at the end to get your overall ‘daily living’ and ‘mobility’ scores.

Rates and payments

If your claim is successful, you may be awarded PIP based on 'daily living', on 'mobility' or on both. PIP is paid at either a standard or enhanced rate, depending on the points you score. PIP is usually paid every four weeks. Currently, the weekly rates for PIP are:

  • standard daily living rate (which needs at least 8 points) = £55.10 per week;
  • enhanced daily living rate (which needs at least 12 points) = £82.30 per week;
  • standard mobility rate (which needs at least 8 points) = £21.80 per week; and
  • enhanced mobility rate (which needs at least 12 points) = £57.45 per week.