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How to raise awareness of your event

Here's how to get started...

Raising awareness of your event is the best way to get people to come along, raise funds and have fun! Use our top tips below to learn how easy it is to do your own PR.


It is useful to let your local newspaper know about your event. Just search for your local paper and find contact details for the editorial news team.

You can use our two press release templates to share your story with the press.

Press release to send out before the event

Press release to send out after the event

You will need to personalise the press release for your own event, adding your details wherever the text is written in red, and then editing it back to black.

Make sure you include your own contact details and a photo if you have one.

For online publications, the resolution of the image does not matter, however, newspapers will ask for a photograph with a high resolution, preferably at least 1mb in size. Anything smaller may not be usable as it will not print clearly.

Local papers like photos with plenty of faces in them and if you can get an Epilepsy Society banner, balloons or T-shirts in the photo, that will help to tell the story.

Some online papers have  an events listing where you can add your event and this is a good way of sharing your story with a wider audience.


There are lots of online and print newsletters that are widely read. Search for relevant publications in your area and see whether they would be happy to share your story. 

Social media

It is important to share your fundraising event through social media in order to let friends, family and wider contacts know what you are doing and how they can support you.

You can do this through social media by sharing your event on:



  • Make sure you tag us @epilepsysociety but be aware that if you begin your tweet with @epilepsysociety or any other name, only that person will see the tweet. It's better to put the@name in the body or at the end of the tweet.
  • Always add a hashtag such as #epilepsy or something relevant to your event, so that your post will be part of a wider conversation. It's a good idea to # your local area, for example #romford so as to pick up local traffic.
  • Follow members of your local community or people relevant to your event, in the hopes that they might follow you back


  • Make sure you add lots of hashtags.


  • Take time to build up a community of connections. Writing a blog and sharing it on Linkedin is a good way to spread the word


  • Across all social media, always share a link to your online fundraising page.

If you'd like to speak to someone about fundraising for Purple Day contact the fundraising team by emailing or call 01494 601414.