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how your money helps

Over half a million people in the UK have epilepsy. A staggering 87 new cases of epilepsy are diagnosed every day, affecting the lives of not only those who are diagnosed but their families, carers and friends.

All aspects of Epilepsy Society’s work are focused on helping those with epilepsy, their families, carers and friends.

We depend on your donations to help us to continue to support all those with epilepsy.

Here are a few examples of how your donation could make a difference.

£5 per month – free epilepsy information

Each year we distribute over 200,000 free epilepsy information leaflets  helping people to understand their condition and manage it well. Just £5 per month can ensure we continue to provide our ‘first five free’ epilepsy leaflets to a person who really needs it.

Please set up a direct debit today to help us to provide vital information.

£10 = access to a trained helpline operator£10 – access to a trained helpline operator

Our confidential caller-led epilepsy helpline answers around 5,500 calls every year. A donation of £10  means that someone who has just been diagnosed can talk to a trained helpline operator for as long as they want.

Please donate now to help us to answer more calls.

£50 – DNA medical research

We have a long pedigree in medical research. In March 2013 we opened our new state-of-the-art research centre which we hope will help us reach our goal of transforming epilepsy care and treatment within ten years. Our genetics research programme will mean we can prescribe the right drug at the right time for each person with epilepsy. £50 will allow us to take a DNA sample from each person with epilepsy who visits our medical services unit and MRI scanner.

Please donate now to help us gather vital data for our research.