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18 June 2012

iPhone app helps save little Carys's life

Cardiff mum Julia McMullen is thanking Epilepsy Society’s mobile phone app for helping to save her three-year-old daughter’s life. Little Carys McMullen had her first seizure at the age of five months and was diagnosed with epilepsy last year. This week Carys had a massive tonic clonic seizure, stopped breathing and turned blue as she fell to the floor.

Mum Julie said:  ‘I don’t usually worry as I’ve seen Carys have many seizures but this one frightened me. I knew I needed to call the paramedics and while I waited for them to arrive I gave Carys rescue breaths.’

Only the day before Julia had been reading through the first aid information on Epilepsy Society’s iphone app. She said: ‘I’d downloaded the app after seeing it advertised on a poster at the neurology clinic. My husband and 10-year-old daughter also have it on their phones. All the first aid information I’d read came flooding back to me.’

Emergency first aid

Thanks to Julia’s quick first aid response, Carys had started breathing again by the time the paramedics arrived.
Julia continued:  ‘As the paramedics picked her up to take her to ambulance, Carys began to come round. She was in hospital for a couple of hours while  checks were carried out and then we were able to take her home.’

Julia was so keen to raise awareness of the importance of the app that she sent out a message on Twitter saying:  ‘The best thing I ever did was download the app and my beautiful girl proves that.’

Seizure management

Epilepsy Society’s communications and campaigns manager Amanda Cleaver said: ‘The Epilepsy Society app has been a great success, downloaded by thousands of people worldwide. As well as containing seizure management tools, the app has vital first aid information which gives it universal appeal. Epilepsy is so common - affecting around 1 in 100 people – and it’s important that everyone knows what to do to help someone during a seizure.’

The Epilepsy Society ‘epilepsy tool kit’ app is available to download free of charge from the iphone app store and android market.

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