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impact report 2014 - awareness

Raising public awareness of epilepsy complements Epilepsy Society services

Every so often an unexpected opportunity comes along which throws epilepsy into the spotlight.

Such was the case with the launch of the film ‘Electricity’ – based on the book by Ray Robinson. The story of Lily – a young woman trying to cope with day to day life and uncontrolled seizures really resonated with the epilepsy community.

'The moment I read the script of Electricity, I fell in love with Lily,' says Agyness Deyn. 'In spite of her constant seizures, she is such a strong woman...'

The film was showcased at the London film festival and launched nationwide in December. It presented us with an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness of epilepsy. Working with a media partner we distributed thousands of postcards in mainstream and art house cinemas in key UK cities – with a potential audience of more than 5 million. Experts from Epilepsy Society were called on to advise on both the book and the film.

40,000 wristbands were distributed during National Epilepsy Week to River Island online shoppers. A radio campaign featuring...

In National Epilepsy Week we worked with Young Epilepsy and River Island to raise the profile of our ‘everyone knows someone campaign’ – now in its second year. The campaign gained a greater online presence with the creation of a dedicated website and social media streams.

'Everyone knows someone' microsite had 5,700 unique views. Supported by River Island.