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impact report 2014 - care

Our range of care options support and empower people with complex epilepsy

We provide an environment that supports people with epilepsy to live life to the full. Our multidisciplinary team of staff are highly motivated and committed to making a difference. For people like George, this combination of expertise and environment has had 
a massive impact on his life.

When George first arrived at Epilepsy Society’s Chalfont Centre in 2013 his behaviour was extremely challenging. The move, and adjusting to it, was hard as he finds change difficult. Fast forward to today and George has achieved significant personal triumphs each impacting positively on his life. 

George’s care workers have worked hard with him, building up rapport and trust. His behaviour is far more positive and he is now able to enjoy lots more community based activities. His personal favourites are horse riding, trips to the zoo, swimming, group outings and watching films at the cinema. He is also keen to be involved in social activities with other people living at Epilepsy Society’s Chalfont Centre. 

‘We were so happy when George was able to move to an Epilepsy Society care home. He is thriving, we have seen huge improvements 
in him and in the quality of life he is now able to lead.’

Joanna, George’s mother