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Driving: I have had a seizure, do I have to tell DVLA or will my doctor do this for me?

If you have a driving licence, and have a seizure of any kind (epileptic or non-epileptic), it is your responsibility to tell the DVLA and send them your driving licence. Guidelines from the General Medical Council (which registers doctors in the UK) tell doctors to explain that it is your legal duty to tell the DVLA, and they will write this in your medical records. If you continue to drive, they can break confidentiality and tell the medical advisers at the DVLA, due to the continued risk to you and to members of the public. They should tell you if they are going to do this. Find out more about what the driving standards mean for you.

Employment: Do I have to tell my employer I have epilepsy?

You don’t have to tell an employer about your epilepsy, although there are several reasons why this could help you. Find out more about telling your employer about your epilepsy.

Do I have to pay for prescriptions?

People with epilepsy are entitled to free prescriptions for their anti-epileptic medication, as well as any other prescribed drugs (but not dental treatment or eye tests). To apply for free prescriptions in England, fill in an FP92A form, available from your doctors’ surgery. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all prescriptions are free. Find out more about what help and support is available.

Benefits: I have just been diagnosed with epilepsy are there any benefits I can claim?

There are several different benefits, and what you may be eligible for depends on your personal circumstances (for example, whether you work or not). Whether you are eligible for a benefit based on your epilepsy will depend on what your epilepsy is like and how it affects you, because epilepsy affects people in different ways. Find out more about who can claim benefits.

Travel concessions: If I have epilepsy am I entitled to free travel?

You may be entitled to free or discounted travel if your seizures mean you can’t have a driving licence. Find out more about help with travel costs.

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