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With more places at university being offered than ever before, how can you make sure that you are doing everything you can to support students with epilepsy in applying to university, getting a place and making the most of their studies and the university experience?

How can you help your students with epilepsy?

One of the ways you can help students with epilepsy is to provide information on your website about epilepsy. We recommend listing epilepsy under one or more of the following headings, making it easy for students to find:

  • Long term health conditions
  • Medical conditions
  • Disability

It would also be very beneficial to have a ‘quick link’ to your disability information on your homepage. 

Text for your website

Why not copy and paste the following text onto your website and then add the relevant contact details?

Epilepsy is a complex and variable condition and can affect students in different ways.  Support is at hand. Don’t let epilepsy put you off applying for university or making the most of your time as a student. Look at the Epilepsy Society’s website at  to find out more about support that might be available to help you financially, emotionally and with your studies. If you want to talk through how our university might be able to support you, contact...

University pack

The following downloadable pdfs for universities, colleges of further education and organisations such as connexions give useful information and practical tools to help you best support students with epilepsy.

About epilepsy

Download About epilepsy (pdf) (714 KB)

Seizure management and first aid

Download Seizure management and first aid (pdf) (1.2 MB) 

Students and epilepsy

Download Students and epilepsy (pdf) (767 KB)

Equality Act 2010

Download Equality Act 2010 (pdf) (724 KB)

Emotional impact

Download Emotional impact (pdf) (695 KB)

University Challenge poster

Please display this poster for students.

Download University Challenge poster (1.81 MB)