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leading the way

When I stepped into the chief executive’s shoes in April I pledged I would ‘shout loud’ for epilepsy – in the same way that the charity’s founding fathers did back in the 1890s.

The creation of the Chalfont Centre revolutionised the care of people with epilepsy and understanding of the condition.

Today we are on the brink of another milestone – which will revolutionise diagnosis and treatment. To that end we need to make sure that the services we provide are relevant to today. Our new long term focus will be on our medical, clinical and research activities.

We need to create a solid foundation for those services in preparation for a future in which epilepsy will not exist as a single condition.

We are part of a research group which is the world leader in epilepsy research – our medical director is the world’s leading expert on epilepsy. My vision is for all the services we provide to be leaders in their field.

None of this is possible without funding – and we are looking to develop a mixed economy of voluntary, commissioned and commercial income streams to ensure a sustainable future. We are looking closely at external influences as we develop our new strategic vision and priorities.

In my short time with Epilepsy Society I have been inspired by the people I have met and impressed by the impact our services are having.

‘Society’ is all about people sharing and supporting each other with a common aim. Thank you for supporting Epilepsy Society – your support is vital to helping us continue our work.

Angela Geer, chief executive

number one for epilepsy