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living with epilepsy videos

A Smell of Burning, The story of epilepsy

Colin Grant, whose brother died of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), is interviewed by New Statesman journalist Erica Wagner. Colin then interviews Erica who was diagnosed with epilepsy during adolescence.

Katrin Augustin explains the ketogenic diet

Katrin is a post graduate research student at Royal Holloway University of London... and she keeps hens. We caught up with her to hear how the ketogenic diet works.

Recovery Position: Step by Step Guide

Our step-by-step guide to putting someone in the recovery position. The recovery position can help someone recover after a tonic clonic (convulsive) seizure.

The facts about epilepsy

All about epilepsy is a new programme about epilepsy. Part one looks at the medical condition of epilepsy. It shows examples of seizures, played by actors, and explains what you can do to help.

People's experiences of epilepsy

All about epilepsy is a new programme about epilepsy. In part two five people share their experiences of living with epilepsy, how it has affected them and what having epilepsy means to them.

Cyclist Tim Fry captures his seizure on video while out on his bike

Cyclist Tim Fry had a seizure while out on his bike. His video camera captured what it is like to have a seizure and the time it can take to recover.

Michael Green's story of nursing people in Jordan

Michael Green's personal story of nursing the Bedouin people in Jordan.

Top tips for attending your appointment

We asked a few of our supporters to share their top tips to prepare you for your appointment with the GP or neurologist.

Top tips on how to cope with memory loss

We asked some of our supporters who have epilepsy to share their top tips on coping with memory loss.