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Medical services

Due to current circumstances, medical appointments are currently not taking place at the Chalfont Centre and the Gowers unit will remain closed for now. This situation is being kept under review in conjunction with UCLH.

During your stay you will receive assessment from a multi-disciplinary team. Through the monitoring and observation from the multi-disciplinary team, the centre aims to provide an accurate diagnosis, improve seizure control, optimise drug therapy and assess the skills associated with activities of daily living.


a list of consultants you may meet when you visit the Sir William Gowers Centre.

Contact details and travel information

Contact details and travel information for the inpatients and outpatients department.

Your appointment

At the Sir William Gowers Centre, we provide assessment in a relaxed atmosphere aiming to meet your individual needs whether you are coming to the centre as an inpatient, outpatient or daycase admission.  

EEG telemetry unit

Everything you need to know about having an EEG test.

Epilepsy surgery

Information and answers to common questions relating to epilepsy surgery.

MRI unit

MRI (or magnetic resonance imaging) is a type of scan that gives very clear and detailed pictures of the body. At Epilepsy Society we use MRI scans to get detailed pictures of the brain. These scans are helpful to look at the structure of the brain and try to find the cause of an individual’s epilepsy.

Therapeutic drug monitoring

Information about our Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Unit.

Neurophysiology and neuropsychology

Information about neurophysiology, neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry at the Sir William Gowers Centre.


Opening hours and information about the centre’s on-site pharmacy.

Epilepsy clinical trials unit

Information about our epilepsy clinical trials unit.