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meghan's story

Meghan with her siblings"Meghan is full of life, a happy, curious, 4 year old who has enjoyed her first few weeks at school and is looking forward to Christmas, along with her twin brother Brodie. Meghan also has epilepsy.

"Her seizures began when she was just 8 months old and have progressed significantly in intensity, frequency and form. They can occur at any moment and she now has at least two a week.

"Before Meghan, epilepsy was just a word. Now it is our life, but as a family we try to take her condition in our stride.

"During a seizure, Brodie will wipe her mouth with a tissue, whilst her 12 year old brother immediately watches the time, as seizures that last over 5 minutes
require a trip to the hospital. Her 9 year old sister is now very adept at helping to put Meghan into the recovery position.

"On good days Meghan is not treated any differently and all four children will play, laugh, joke and disagree to the same extent as in any other family!

"Meghan is currently changing over to her fourth medication. She has many more hospital appointments coming up to establish what is causing her epilepsy. Nearer to Christmas she will have a week-long EEG, requiring a stay in

"The support that we have received has been phenomenal and we cannot even begin to thank Epilepsy Society enough!

"As we draw to the end of another year my hopes and wishes for the future are...

"For Meghan to continue to have the amazing strength of character that helps her to cope with the endless tests and scans, and that with each new day we're a step closer to finding the cause of her epilepsy.

"For Brodie to remain as bouncy and bubbly and to continue to be very proud of his twin sister. For Amelia, my 9 year old daughter, to have the courage to endure all the questions from her classmates as to why her sister is different.
And for Theo, my 12 year old son, to have the patience to continue to answer Meghan's questions as if it was the first time. Meghan's short term memory loss makes her incredibly repetitive every single day.

"My final wish is for all those who have epilepsy in their lives to find hope and strength in the coming year with the help of Epilepsy Society.

"Anything you can give to support Epilepsy Society's work will be invaluable. Thank you."

Brad Holman (Meghan's dad), 2013

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