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Published: 12 June 2013

My on-screen seizures by Corrie star Jack P Shepherd

Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt in the long-running soap, has been talking about his experience of portraying epilepsy on TV. In an interview with Digital Spy, he said he was pleased that Epilepsy Society had praised his recent on screen portrayal of a tonic clonic epileptic seizure. 

He told the UK based digital media and entertainment news service, that he used the internet to help him research his seizure scene. He said: 'That's the power of the internet these days - you can type in "epileptic fit" and get loads of knowledge back. I even typed it into YouTube to see some fits for myself.

It's quite a complicated thing as different people react in different ways. There's the obvious standard fit where you shake and stuff like that, but nine times out of ten in the videos I saw, not a lot of people seemed to be doing that.

'There were more videos showing people lying quite still and not moving, but I thought that I couldn't do it that way as everyone would just think I was rubbish at doing an epileptic fit! I just had to go with the standard shaking thing and I think it came across alright on screen.'

Impact of epilepsy

There are more than 40 different epilepsy seizures . Epilepsy Society has created a series videos  showing the different ways that epileptic seizures can affect people who have epilepsy. Our videos show what the seizure is like for the person experiencing it and our first aid information shows how you can help if you see someone having a seizure.