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Published:08 March 2013

New driving regulations for people with epilepsy

New DVLA driving regulations for people with epilepsy come into effect today (8 March 2013). To help people find their way round the changes, Epilepsy Society has updated its driving information and produced new guides to include the revised regulations. The guides include an interactive guide to enable you to see how the changes may affect you. Or you can find out more by calling 01494 601 392.

Epilepsy awareness

Amanda Cleaver, communications and campaigns manager for the charity, said: ‘I urge people to be aware of the changes, for instance the new regulations mean that potentially more people with epilepsy will be able to drive, or drive sooner than they would have been able to previously.’

The changes may affect people who have seizures that do not affect an individual’s consciousness or ability to act and asleep seizures (seizures that start when you are asleep). In addition, when a seizure occurs during a physician advised change or withdrawal of medication, driving could start after six months rather than the current 12 months.

These changes apply to drivers of Group 1 vehicles only – cars and motorcycles.

The DVLA recognised Epilepsy Society’s input into these new changes and look forward to working with the charity in the future.