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15 October 2015

New study uses Apple Watch to collect data from people with epilepsy

A new study by researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine in the USA uses the Apple Watch to collect data from people with epilepsy before, during and after their seizures.


Johns Hopkin's 'EpiWatch' will collect data through the open source ResearchKit framework designed by Apple. The data gathered by the app, including physiological changes, altered responsiveness and other characteristics of recurrent seizures, will be used by researchers to develop new methods for monitoring and managing epilepsy through technology.

Share data with epilepsy researchers, track your seizures, compare results with other patients, track daily medications, track possible drug side effects, document your quality of life

The EpiWatch is most appropriate for people with epilepsy who may experience an “aura” that signals an oncoming seizure. When this warning symptom occurs, they can tap an icon on the watch face to activate it and then start recording their heart rate and movements. The watch also helps people with epilepsy track their seizures and possible triggers, medications and side effects. Users can review their data and compare their symptoms to others in their demographic with similar seizures. Take part in the study on Johns Hopkins Medicine's website.

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