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09 February 2018

Coronation Street raises more issues around epilepsy

We have been pleased to work once again with the production team at ITV's Coronation Street on the plot involving the Street's bad boy David Platt.

We have been working with the team since 2010 when David was diagnosed with epilepsy while on a murder charge.

ITV is always very keen to give an accurate representation of epilepsy and regularly asks us to advise on aspects of the storyline where David's condition may be an issue.

Boxing match

David's epilepsy has again become relevant in the latest plot playing out at the moment (no spoiler alerts). Just to say it involves a boxing match and safety issues around the sport for people with epilepsy.

A spokesperson for ITV said: 'When we have a story line that involves a condition such as epilepsy, we are always very keen to make sure that we represent it in an accurate and honest way.

'That is why we are always very grateful to be able to call in the expertise of Epilepsy Society so that we can discuss how epilepsy and seizures are likely to affect a character and in David's case, how his condition might be affected by something like his desire to take up a new sport such as boxing.'

Image right: Jack P Shepherd who plays David Platt.

Awareness raising

Epilepsy Society's content manager, Nicola Swanborough, said: 'We really appreciate the time and trouble the team at Coronation Street go to in order to make sure their portrayal of epilepsy is accurate.

'Coronation Street has a huge audience and can provide a great platform for awareness raising around the condition.

'Even today, there are many people who know very little about epilepsy. We hope that the exposure through Coronation Street will make more people aware and, through finding our information on our website, they will become more confident in knowing how to support someone during a seizure. We also hope it will help them get a better understanding of the impact of living with epilepsy.'

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