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08 September 2016

Exploring the dreamy state of epilepsy

We all know that Julius Caesar is said to have had epilepsy along with other notable figures such as Van Gogh and Dostoevsky. But this Saturday (10 September 2016) writer and BBC producer Colin Grant will be hosting a special event to explore in depth the cultural history of epilepsy.

Speaky Spokey is a literary cabaret and this Saturday, from 3.30pm it will explore the world of epilepsy in poetry and prose. The dreamy state: epilepsy explored is part of the Kings Place Festival 2016 and will take place at St Pancras Room in London, just a short walk from King's Cross and St Pancras stations.

Host Colin Grant has just published his latest book A smell of burning: the story of epilepsy. Guests include the poet Amy Acre (above) who has performed at Latitude, Edinburgh Festival and in forests and opera houses. She will be reading a specially commissioned piece about the impact of epilepsy on her family.

The cabaret will also feature theatre director/producer Jane Gauntlett (above) who developed epilepsy after being knocked off her bike by muggers. Using video goggles, audience members will be able to take part in Jane's interactive theatre piece, Waking in Slough, and experience the strange dreamy like state and memory loss that often accompanies a seizure.

The event will also include reflections on William Fienne's memoir, The Music Room  and Ray Robinson's Electricity.

The dreamy state: epilepsy explored lasts 60 minutes and you can book tickets (£6.50) and find directions online here.

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Read a review of Colin Grant's book A smell of burning: the story of epilepsy.


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