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Girl who stopped traffic after her friend had a seizure on a busy road, wins 'Young Hero' award

Rheia, age 16 from Bulwell, recently won Nottingham Post's 'Young Hero Award' in their Post Heroes Awards for saving her friend's life.

The Post Heroes Awards are held by the Nottingham Post and celebrates the achievements of truly remarkable people who make our community a better place.

She won by showing bravery and the true meaning of friendship when she helped her best friend Chloe, who had a tonic-clonic seizure on a busy main road in October.

To express her gratitude, Chloe nominated Rheia in the Young Hero category of the awards.

Chloe nominated Rheia because of her "strength, courage and bravery she has conquered" through looking out for Chloe.

Reacting to the news of her success, Rheia was thrilled. She said: "I felt very happy and surprised about winning the award.

The awards took place at the Crowne Plaza Nottingham on 20 November and was the biggest awards show of its kind in the county.

Rheia said: "The awards ceremony was amazing and it was such a nice atmosphere with all the heroes around me getting the recognition they each deserved. I was privileged to be a part of that".

Speaking about the incident, Rheia said: "Chloe just stared at me and then dropped to the ground in the road. I put my coat under her head and had to stop passing cars, who were giving me grief for getting in the way.

"It was very scary. I'd never seen anything like it before, but I wanted to help, so I stayed with her".

Rheia rang for an ambulance, as well as informing Chloe's mum, Sam Walker. Rheia is now the main point of contact for Chloe.

Both girls attend Bulwell Academy Sixth Form, but they have only known each other for a couple of years. They became close after sharing more classes together.

Speaking about their friendship, Chloe said: "we look out for each other and help one another through the tough times. I will never forget anything she's done for me".

Last year, Chloe experienced her first seizure in a changing room in June 2017, just days after her 15th birthday.

After going for hospital tests, in September 2017 Chloe was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her friends and family knew very little about the condition.

When she was first diagnosed, Chloe said: "I didn't quite believe it, there's no family history of epilepsy and it was completely unexpected".

However, Rheia has made it her mission to understand her friend's needs to be able to better support her.

She said: "I've done a lot of research just off my own back, but I have learnt a lot from helping Chloe as well.

Despite other students being wary of Chloe's epilepsy, Rheia has responded with determination and enthusiasm in order to help Chloe.

Chloe said: "She helps me despite not liking it - she makes sure I'm okay".

Rheia has gone above and beyond saving her friends life by also helping to raise £760, whilst Chloe was recently in hospital which will go towards Embrace Seizure Detection Watch, which monitors her seizures and alerts her family.

Chloe expressed: "She will do anything for anyone, not just me. She is an inspiration and she's now a trained cadet for the St. John's Ambulance".

Speaking about her dream, Rheia said: "I'd love to be a paramedic or a nurse one day, so I can help more people".