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4 December 2017

Take part in Epidogs project, new research to find out why some dogs detect seizures

Do you have epilepsy and have a dog? A new study, Epidogs, is looking into how some dogs are able to predict seizures, and the research team would love to hear from you, even if your own dog does not alert you to your seizures.

The team from Ghent University, Belgium, hopes to find out why some dogs react to epileptic seizures and others don't. The Epidogs project aims to investigate the underlying mechanisms of this behaviour in the hopes of making it possible to train more seizure dogs.

They are also keen to hear from dog owners with epilepsy whose dogs aren't sensitive to seizures so that they can compare them with dogs that can detect seizures.

Take part in questionnaire

If you would like to take part in the study, please fill in a short questionnaire at the Epidogs website. You will be asked questions about your dog's behaviour, personality and interaction with you, plus you will be asked about your seizures. 

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