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Arlene Foster is wearing a smart red jacket. Her short, brown hair is swept to one side and she is smiling.

Arlene Foster and DUP support Epilepsy Society sodium valproate campaign

18 October 2017

Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and First Minister of Northern Ireland has pledged her support for Epilepsy Society's campaign to ensure...

Jeremy Hunt is wearing a dark jacket and light blue tie. He is looking pensively away from the camera.

Jeremy Hunt responds to Epilepsy Society on sodium valproate

17 October 2017

Epilepsy Society's chief executive, Clare Pelham, receives a response from health secretry Jeremy Hunt about safety issues around epilepsy drug, sodium valproate.

The House of Commons with Big Ben against a grey sky.

MPs debate sodium valproate in House of Commons

16 October 2017

This Thursday (19 October 2017), MPs will be meeting  in the House of Commons to debate safety issues around the epilepsy drug sodium valproate.

Epilepsy Society's Chief executive Clare Pelham is interviewed at the EMA by ITN News. Clare is sitting in a low, easy chair and the reporter is sitting on a stool by the window. The cameraman is standing to the right. Outside the window is Canary Wharf.

Sodium valproate public hearing - summary report

9 October 2017

Following last month's public hearing into the epilepsy drug sodium valproate, the European Medicines Agency(EMA) has now published a full summary report.

Packaging for lamotrigine 5mg dispersible tablets, with a bright pink and bright green circle in the right-hand corner

Problem with supplies of Teva lamotrigine

6 October 2017

Teva lamotrigine dispersible drugs are currently unavailable in 5mg, 25mg and 100mg strengths. This is due to problems with the manufacture of the drug.

Epilepsy Society CEO Clare Pelham, Deborah Mann and her daughter Branwen on BBC Victoria Derbyshire

Epilepsy Society's Clare Pelham discusses sodium valproate and EMA public hearing on BBC News

27 September 2017

Watch and listen to Epilepsy Society's CEO Clare Pelham discussing sodium valproate on various BBC News programmes last week.

Clare Pelham, Epilepsy Society chief executive winning her doctorate from the Open University

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham wins honorary doctorate

27 September 2017

Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham wins an honorary degree of doctor of the university from the Open University for her work around people with...

Graphic showing pregnant woman and adolescent girl and encouraging them to find out more about nsodium valproate

Women still not aware of epilepsy medicine risk in pregnancy

27 September 2017

Almost 1 in 5 (18%) women currently taking the epilepsy medication sodium valproate do not know it can harm the development and physical health of their unborn child...

A photo montage of children's faces, similar to one the BBC is hoping to create around sodium valproate.

Children affected by sodium valproate

15 September 2017

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with fetal valproate syndrome. Be a part of the BBC's photo montage.

A pharmacist is dispensing medication in a small pharmacy

Frisium availability update

6 September 2017

Frisium 10mg will be available from week commencing 11 September 2017, department of health confirms.


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