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09 December 2016

Flynn Pharma responds to Clare Pelham's letter in The Times

The UK-based pharmaceutical company Flynn Pharma Ltd has written to Epilepsy Society's chief executive Clare Pelham to reassure her that they do not foresee any disruption to supply or availability of the epilepsy drug phenytoin sodium.

The response follows Clare Pelham's letter in today's Times, asking manufacturers of the drug, Pfizer, to confirm that it will continue to produce the drug in spite of being fined a record £84.2 million by the Competition and Markets Authority. Flynn Pharma, which distributes the drug, was fined £5.2 million.

Dr David Fakes, chief executive officer of Flynn Pharma, said that as marketing authorisation holder they have full legal responsibility for the supply and monitoring of the drug. He said Pfizer manufactured phenytoin sodium to their orders and specification.

In response to Epilepsy Society's concerns that supply of the drug could be at risk, Dr Fakes told Clare Pelham: "Flynn Pharma entirely understands and shares that concern. A robust and continuous supply chain has always been our intention.

"I do, however, on behalf of Flynn, want to reassure you that the patient remains a central focus of our concern. We will fully honour and respect that commitment. Whilst no manufacturer may offer cast iron guarantees, Flynn's record of continuous supply of these products and indeed many others, is indeed exemplary and a matter in which we take pride. We do not anticipate any disruptions to supply or availability whilst we separately address the findings of the CMA."

Clare Pelham said she was encouraged by Flynn Pharma's response but would be seeking further clarity over points raised in the letter.

You can read the full content of the letter below.


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