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21 July 2016

Radio 5 Live Breakfast show talks about epilepsy and travel insurance

Updated: You can listen to the programme now on iPlayer. Scroll to 41:14 to hear our policy officer Finn O'Dwyer  talking about epilepsy and travel insurance. Scroll to 02:38:00 to hear Holly talk about her own experiences in getting travel insurance, plus comment from the Association of British Insurers. Available for 29 days.

Set your alarm to early tomorrow morning (Friday) for the BBC  Radio 5 Live Breakfast show which will be talking about epilepsy and travel insurance.

At 6.40am the programme's presenters, Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden, will be talking to people with epilepsy who have experienced issues around their epilepsy when taking out travel insurance.

Epilepsy Society's policy advisor Finn O'Dwyer will be up bright and early to answer questions on the programme and to try to throw some light on the complexities of travel insurance with a long-term health condition.

Join the discussion

You can join in the discussion by texting or tweeting your own experiences or questions at :

SMS 85058

twitter @bbc5live

Or you can call 0500 909 693 or email

Your call

Depending on the amount of tweets and texts received about epilepsy and travel insurance, BBC Radio 5 Live will consider dedicating the Your Call slot to epilepsy from 9-10am tomorrow. So make sure you text or tweet your own experiences or let the programme know what you think about the issues being discussed.

Find out more

Learn more about epilepsy and travel insurance, including a list of travel insurance companies that have been recommended to us by our supporters. 

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