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23 November 2016

Takeaway cup raises epilepsy awareness

Having a takeaway coffee could help raise awareness about epilepsy thanks to 24-year-old Georgia Tye.


Georgia, from Norwich, has had epilepsy since the age of seven. Now, with her mum Melonie Summers, she has designed a special 'Be Epilepsy Aware' sleeve to go over a takeaway cup, giving information about her condition and explaining what to do if someone is having a seizure.

Georgia has up to 30 seizures a day and set herself the task of awareness raising after being approached by the charity Fixers, where young people use their past to fix the future. Georgia wanted people to know how to react if someone had a seizure, but she didn’t want to just create a poster.

Seizure action plan

Initially Georgia appeared in a video to show what life with epilepsy was like. She then decided to design the sleeve to go over a takeaway cup. It has Georgia’s story printed on it as well as the seven point checklist of what to do if someone has a seizure:

  • A – Assess the situation
  • C – Cushion their head
  • T – Time, if the seizure lasts longer than five minutes, then call an ambulance
  • I – ID, do they have a medical ID?
  • O – Once over, put them in the
  • R – Recovery position
  • N – Never restrain or put something in their mouth.

‘We thought it would be different creating a sleeve which could be looked at in a relaxing atmosphere, while taking a well-earned coffee break,’ she said.

Some of the independent outlets in Norwich have already agreed to use the sleeves. Georgia  is hoping more businesses will come forward to use them or even repurpose them as leaflets.

Find out more

Learn more about Fixers, a national charity that gives young people a voice.

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