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16 November 2015

Tattoo-like epilepsy device for the future

A wearable device that is as thin as a temporary tattoo could one day revolutionise patient care of people with epilepsy, say researchers in the US.

A team at the University of Texas-Austin has developed an ultra-thin temporary tattoo device to store medical information and administer medicine directly through the skin. They hope that one day it may also be possible for the device to track movement in people with epilepsy.

Their findings, reported in Nature Nanotechnology, say that this is the first 'electronic skin device' to both store information and deliver medication. However, currently the device will only work if it is connected to a power supply and date transmitter.

Further work is needed to integrate these components into the tattoo-like device, making practical use still a long way off.

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You can read more about the device in Nature