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16 November 2017

What do you think of public transport for disabled people?

The government wants to hear from you about your experiences of travelling on public transport.


Red public bus in London

The Department of Transport is currently looking at ways to improve the experience of people with disabilities when they are using public transport.

They have published an accessibility action plan consultation document which sets out ways the Government intends to address gaps in existing transport which represent a barrier to people with disabilities.

Now they would like to hear your views on the document.

Government strategy

The government's strategy includes:

  • Advocating for greater consistency in the way transport services and facilities are delivered
  •  Ensuring that accessibility features currently required by regulations are consistently monitored and compliance is enforced
  •  Reviewing and monitoring access to parking in line with the Government’s manifesto commitment to improve disabled access to parking
  •  Improving the amount, reliability and available information on passenger facilities, particularly accessible toilets at stations and on trains
  •  Highlighting the need for better awareness training for transport staff of the requirements of people with visible and hidden disabilities or impairments, and promoting best practice disability training guidance
  • Identifying and taking steps to address the challenges facing those with physical or mental impairments seeking to travel spontaneously.

You can access the full consultation document here where there are various versions of the document including a large print version and an easy read information booklet.

The consultation questions are available here.

Where to send your comments

Comments and feedback should be sent to or via post to:

Accessibility Action Plan Consultation
Department for Transport
Zone 2/14
Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road

Closing date for the consultation is 22 November 2017 and a final version of the accessibility action plan will be published in 2018.


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