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Read the latest epilepsy news from Epilepsy Society.

Valproate - how the epilepsy drug works

5 November 2013

Fifty years after its discovery, research shows how valproate blocks  progression of seizures.

Mysoline tablets changed to primidone

29 October 2013

The epilepsy tablets Mysoline have been replaced with primidone tablets.

Universal Credit is rolled out nationwide

25 October 2013

Government brings in new type of financial support for people looking for work or for those on a low income.

School health plan for pupils with epilepsy

21 October 2013

Epilepsy Society welcomes news that schools  are to draw up health plans for pupils with epilepsy.

Syringe helps doctors see inside brain

9 October 2013

 A new device invented by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is helping doctors capture the exact area in the brain where epileptic seizures begin.

Cells team win Nobel Medicine Prize

8 October 2013

 The 2013 Nobel Prize in medicine could point the way to new drugs for epilepsy and other conditions.


7 October 2013

Worldwide acts of kindness in memory of Alyssa

Benefits awareness

3 October 2013

Benefits awareness conference helps people with epilepsy

Bedroom tax and Question Time

20 September 2013

MP Ken Clarke sparks debate over bedroom tax and epilepsy on Question Time.

How safe are 'miracle cures' on the web?

19 September 2013

Epilepsy Society's Dr Sallie Baxendale contributes to new guide warning of the dangers of untested cures advertised on the web.


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