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Read the latest epilepsy news from Epilepsy Society.

Schoolgirl's epilepsy book now available in US

19 August 2013

Talented schoolgirl Layla Reid, aged eight, celebrates as her  guide Epilepsy for Kids becomes available in the US.

Benefits - have your say

15 August 2013

Big Benefits Survey gives people opportunity to influence benefits survey.

Researchers identify new genes linked to epilepsy

15 August 2013

Researchers find up to 25  new genetic mutations that may be behind some  severe childhood epilepsies.

Alexia swims Channel for epilepsy

9 August 2013

Amazing Alexia O'Mara completes her swim across the Channel to help support people with epilepsy.

Good luck Dai Greene

9 August 2013

Good luck to champion athlete Dai Greene as he prepares to defend his 2011 World Championship  title in the 400m hurdles

Phenytoin sodium capsules

1 August 2013

A new version of phenytoin sodium capsules is now available from the pharmaceutical company NRIM Limited.

NICE initiative on pregnancy and epilepsy

1 August 2013

Epilepsy Society welcomes initiative encouraging GPs to offer pre-conceptual counselling to women with epilepsy. 

Sign up to stop 20-metre rule

30 July 2013

Epilepsy Society calls on people to support a bid to get the proposed '20 metre rule' for people with a disability scrapped.

Silk implants could stop epilepsy spread

30 July 2013

Silk implants  in the brain may help stop the spread of epilepsy, according to new study.

Skin cells of epilepsy patients are turned into stem cells and then brain cells

Clues to epilepsy in a dish

26 July 2013

Stem cell research reveals clues to epilepsy's origins and possible treatment.


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