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Read the latest epilepsy news from Epilepsy Society.

Mapping the brain

7 June 2013

Freiburg researchers use signals from natural movements to identify regions of the brain.

Brain's natural Valium could stop seizures, scientists say

31 May 2013

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found that a naturally occurring protein  in  the  brain may act as a  brake on some seizures.

Genetic cause for childhood epilepsies

28 May 2013

A large scientific study discovers new genes causing severe seizure disorders that begin in babies and early childhood.

Epilepsy stigma a major issue for young people

28 May 2013

Professor Ley Sander, Epilepsy Society's medical director, speaks out about the stigma of having epilepsy.

Exhibition celebrates artists with epilepsy

24 May 2013

Residents at Epilepsy Society's Chalfont Centre continue to tap into their creative side, thanks to a bursary from Buckinghamshire law firm BP Collins.

Ordinary residence, extraordinary mess

23 May 2013

Disputes over which local authority funds a person’s care are causing anxiety  and wasting public funds, says the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG).

National Epilepsy Week - volunteer speaks out

21 May 2013

Epilepsy Society volunteer Moira Copeland urges people to talk about epilepsy during National Epilepsy Week. 

Epilepsy data system for better treatment

20 May 2013

Scientists  hope new analytics technology will help medical professionals deliver more highly personalised treatments to people with epilepsy . 

Understanding your medication

16 May 2013

Royal Pharmaceutical Society reveals need for patients  to improve their health and reduce medicines waste through better understanding of medicines.

Brain implant device to predict seizures

2 May 2013

Epilepsy expert Professor Ley Sander welcomes new device but warns it is still very invasive for people with epilepsy.


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