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Next steps

Our aim is to make the transition into a new home as smooth as possible for every individual. At each stage of the process, our Placement Manager works with the individual, family, staff and Care Managers to ensure that we achieve the best outcome for everyone seeking a place at Epilepsy Society.

1. Initial contact  

Parent, carer or Care Manager telephones/visits Epilepsy Society for further information

2. Assessment referral

Care Manager confirms that an ‘assessment of needs’ be carried out by Epilepsy Society

3. Assessment process begins

House Manager visits individual and carries out ‘assessment of needs’

4. Assessment placement offered

Six week assessment fee submitted to Care Manager


Assessment placement not offered (reasons discussed with Care Manager)

5. Assessment placement confirmed

Written agreement from local authority received by Placement Manager.  Move in day agreed

6. Transition planning

Comprehensive planning process to ensure a smooth transition for the parties involved, with opportunities for parents and carers to ask questions.

7a. Care Plan

Individual care and support plan compiled ready for use for the start of the six week assessment period.

7b. Individual visits Epilepsy Society

Individual visits the house, and meets staff and other residents

7c. Move timescale agreed

All parties agree on a timescale for move, with a visit to the individual where possible and appropriate

8. Move in

Individual moves into their new home for initial period up to an agreed review date (usually six weeks, but can be more).

9. Review

Agreed review takes place and any changes identified so that the placement and funding can be adapted (where appropriate) and confirmed.

10. Placement

Long term placement offered


Long term placement not offered (alternative options discussed)

Our next steps information is also available as a diagram. Download Next Steps (120kb)